Vasa Drängar - Annual Report for 2011

Atlanta Men’s Choir

– 15 years –


In 2011 Vasa Drängar consisted of the following members:

  • T1: Sten Ekberg, Erik Kind and Jay Lutz.
  • T2: Adrian Popescu and Göran Rygert
  • B1: Hans Hörnfeldt, Oscar Kjellberg, Ted Johnson and Dale Nordin.
  • B2: Magnus Edlund, Sven Lovegren and Gustav Westin.
  • Pianist and assistant rehearsal director: Gabriel Granitz.

The choir is always looking for new members who have knowledge in reading music and some experience in singing in a choir. Being of Scandinavian heritage is not required.


The following officers were elected for 2011:

  • Chairman: Sten Ekberg
  • Officer: Magnus Edlund
  • Officer: Jay Lutz
  • Conductor, Music Director: Göran Rygert


Vasa Drängar’s website is


The membership for 2011 was:

  • $ 25 for regular membership
  • $ 15 for student


In 2011 Vasa Drängar performed at the following 10 events.

  • February 27th: At the annual Nordic Lodge Peasoup Dinner at St. Luke, we sang traditional Swedish punsch songs.
    Singers: Jay, Ted, Dale, Magnus, Sven and Göran.
  • April 30th: Vasa Drängar again sang Swedish spring songs at Valborgsmässoafton at Lutherwood, Acworth, GA. Singers: Sten, Jay, Ted, Dale, Hans, Magnus, Sven and Göran.
  • May 14th: At “Syttende Mai”, Norway’s National Day, Vasa Drängar performed for the fourth year. We sang the national anthems of Norway, Sweden, Canada and USA, Norwegian folk songs with Erik Kind as the soloist, and more.
    Singers: Erik, Jay, Sten, Ted, Dale, Magnus, Sven and Göran. Pianist: Gabe.
  • June 6th: The Swedish National Day was celebrated at the new locality of the Swedish Consulate, at 470 East Paces Ferry Rd. Vasa Drängar sang the traditional June 6th songs. Singers: Sten, Jay, Erik,
    Dale, Ted, Hans, Magnus, Sven and Göran.
  • September 25th: At this Nordic Lodge event with the Vodka Akademi, that included the result of the Swedish Schnapps Song Contest, members of the Vasa Drängar assisted in the singing. Singers: Sten, Jay, Dale, Oscar, Sven and Göran.
    It showed that Sten and Pam were the winners of both the second and third prize. See the last page in this report!
  • October 23th: Vasa Drängar participated at Nordic Lodge’s Third Annual Scandinavian Show at St. Luke. Singers: Sten, Jay, Erik, Dale, Magnus, Sven, Oscar and Göran. On piano and accordion: Gabe.
    Among other items the program included:
    Swedish folkmusic performed by Gabe on the accordion and Göran on the bass, together with Alla Melnik and Lynn McConnell.
    Erik sang the Norwegian folk song “Alle mann hadde fota”.
    And Vasa Drängar sang ”Borgmästarinnan”, ”I’m Afraid…” and ”Hallelujah”.
  • December 3th: Vasa Drängar went to Raleigh for the sixth time, to sing at the Scandinavian Christmas Fair.
    At the Welcome Ceremony at noon we sang the National Anthems of Scandinavia and USA, accompanied by Gabe Granitz on the keyboard. Later we performed nine songs at a concert of our own. Included in the concert was Qvartetten with two songs.
    Finally we participated in the Lucia procession, singing together with the ladies and kids.
    Vasa Drängar were soloists in ”Staffansvisa” and ”Bereden väg för Herran”.
    The day ended with the traditional party with lots of food and singing, at the residence of our hosts Rae and Jim Gulick.
    Singers: Sten, Jay, Erik, Hans, Dale, Magnus, Oscar, Sven and Göran. Guest singer was Niklas Smedberg from Raleigh. Pianist: Gabe.
  • December 9th: Atlanta’s Lucia Celebration this year took place at Trinity Presbyterian Church. As usual the men’s voices in Luciakören were all Vasa Drängar singers.
    The men’s solos this year were ”Goder afton i denna sal”, ”Staffansvisa” and ”Bereden väg för Herran”. Sten sang the tenor solo in ”Julen är här”.
    Pianist of the evening was Gabe.
    Vasa Drängar singers: Sten, Jay, Erik, Dale, Mattias Esquivel, Magnus, Oscar, Sven and Göran.
  • December 11th: Vasa Drängar sang at SWEA’s annual Julmarknad, at the Trolley Barn, Atlanta.
    Singers: Sten, Jay, Erik, Dale, Magnus, Oscar, Sven and Göran. Pianist: Gabe.
  • December 25th: Julotta at St. Luke Lutheran Church.
    Singers: Sten, Jay, Dale and Göran.


Vasa Drängar performed the following songs.

# Title
11 Vintern rasat ut
12 Glad såsom fågeln
13 O hur härligt majsol ler
21 Vila vid denna källa
35 Uti vår hage
41 En vänlig grönskas rika dräkt
61B Sweden’s national anthem
63 Canada’s national anthem
64B Denmark’s national anthem
65B Norway’s national anthem
66B Finland’s national anthem
67 Iceland’s national anthem
68 USA’s national anthem
77 Norges bäste sill i papper
81 Ein König
85 Warning For Water
91 Punschen kommer
93 Nya punschvisan
94 Krya punschvisan
101 Goder afton i denna sal
104 Staffansvisa
105A Stilla natt
119 Ett barn är fött på denna dag
126 Bereden väg för Herran
130 När juldagsmorgon glimmar
155 Roslagsvår
156 Borgmästarinnan i Sundsvall
163 Dåne liks
171 Sangerhilsen
186 Hallelujah To The Saints
194 I’m Afraid To Come Home In The Dark
195 Per Spelmann
198 Pål sine höner
216 When I Take My Sugar To Tea
– S:a Lucia (med Luciakören)
– En stjärna lyser så klar (med Luciakören)
– Julen är här (med Luciakören)
– Nu tändas 1000 juleljus (med Luciakören)
– Stilla natt (med Luciakören)


In 2011 Vasa Drängar met for rehearsals, sectional rehearsals and gigs 42 times, not including rehearsals with “Luciakören”. The Annual Meeting and dinner was held on January 23rd, 2011. Ten choir members were present: Adrian, Jay, Sten, Erik, Hans, Ted, Dale, Magnus, Sven and Göran.

Winner of Best Attendance 2010 was Sten Ekberg. Honorary mention: Jay, Ted, Dale and Erik.


Vasa Drängar is a member of two organizations:

  • The Swedish Council of America
  • The American Union of Swedish Singers, AUSS


Since September 14, 1996, the day when Vasa Drängar performed for the first time, at Nordic Lodge’s kräftskiva (crawfish party), we have had quite a few singers. This is the complete list, alphabetically, in each voice:

  • T1: Sten Ekberg, Erik Kind, Bruce Larson, Jay Lutz, Maurice McMullen, Stephen Shirk, Mike Tripp.
  • T2: Gunnar Carteng, Stephen Germany, Chris Johnston, Lars Jonsteg, Sam Linden, Adrian Popescu, Göran Rygert.
  • B1: Marshall Anderson, John Boli, Eric Erickson, Mattias Esquivel, Jason Goodman, Hans Hörnfeldt, Ted Johnson, Oscar Kjellberg, Dale Nordin, Roger Pajari, Niklas Smedberg, Paul Spitzer.
  • B2: Fred Axelson, Dennis Carlson, Ren Davis, Magnus Edlund, Carl Ericsson, Kaido Karli, Sven Lovegren, Ross Malme, Gustav Westin.
  • Piano: Gabe Granitz
  • Member:  Bert Nestorsson

Where we have performed:

  • 1996: Kräftskiva; julfest.
  • 1997: Valborg; Scandinavian Festival; June 6; kräftskiva; julotta.
  • 1998: Valborg; Scandinavian Festival; June 6.
  • 1999: Scandinavian Festival; kräftskiva; “Festival of Scand. Music” (at Lutheran Church of the Apostles); , “Scandinavian Weekend” (at Emory).
  • 2000: June 6; Jan Meijer’s inauguration as Honorary Consul.
  • 2001: Scandinavian Festival; memorial service for Georgine Pindar.
  • 2002: Scandinavian Festival.
  • 2003: Scandinavian Festival; Lucia; julotta.
  • 2004: Valborg; Scandinavian Festival; June 6; kräftskiva; Nordic Lodge Anniversary party; Nordic Lodge November meeting; Lucia; julotta; memorial service for Paul Conradsen.
  • 2005: Valborg; Scandinavian Festival; SAFG’ annual meeting; Atlanta Balalaika Society’s spring concert; June 6; opening of IKEA Atlanta; Atlanta Finland Society dinner; Lucia.
  • 2006: Valborg; June 6; Emory Cultural Festival, a Finnish wedding; Nordic Lodge November meeting; Vasa Drängar’s 10th anniversary concert; Raleigh; Lucia; Lucia at IKEA; julfest; julotta.
  • 2007: Peasoup dinner; June 6; Nordic Lodge Linné celebration; Scandinavian Festival; Swedish Council of America event; Nordic Lodge October meeting; Raleigh; Lucia; Lucia for the IKEA staff; Lucia at IKEA; julotta.
  • 2008: Peasoup dinner; Cherry Blossom Festival, Macon; Valborg; Syttende Mai; June 6; Scandinavian Festival; Raleigh; Lucia; Lucia at IKEA; julfest.
  • 2009: Peasoup dinner; Opening of IKEA Charlotte; “Talent Show” (at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection); Valborg; Syttende Mai; Sons of Norway meeting; June 6; Scandinavian Show; memorial service for Dorothy Tegner; Raleigh; Lucia; Lucia at IKEA; julotta.
  • 2010: Peasoup dinner; Valborg; Syttende Mai; June 6; memorial service for Steve Johnson; Charles Linden’s wedding; memorial service for Sam Linden; Jill Olander’s party for Sofia; Thorsby Swedish Fest; Scandinavian Show; Raleigh; Lucia; julfest; julotta.
  • 2011: Peasoup dinner; Valborg; Syttende Mai; June 6; Nordic Lodge Vodka Akademi; Scandinavian Show; Raleigh; Lucia; SWEA’s julmarknad; julotta.

A total of 128 performances (sometimes more than one performance at the same event).


Qvartetten (Magnus Edlund, Sten Ekberg, Hans Hörnfeldt and Göran Rygert) released its second CD, called “Jul, Jul”, in Raleigh on December 3rd.

Swedish Schnapps Song Contest winners – announced at the Vodka Akademi on September 25th, 2011:

Second place, written by Pam and Sten:
Melody: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Getting tipsy in a bar,
how I wonder where I are.
ABSOLUT you are my friend,
hanging tight until the end
Even though I’m on the floor
you’re so good I just want more.

Third place, written by Sten and Pam:
Melody: The Snake Charmer
There’s a place in the bar,
they make ABSOLUTE the star.
There’s a hole in my face,
where I pour it by the case.


January 12, 2012

Göran Rygert