Vasa Drängar, Atlanta’s Swedish Men’s choir, has released its first CD

Atlanta Men’s Choir Vasa Drängar singers and Atlanta Balalaika Society musicians in action.

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Atlanta Men's Choir Vasa Drängar's CD

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Vasa Drängar, Atlanta’s Swedish Men’s choir, has released its first CD

Back in May Atlanta Men’s Choir Vasa Drängar celebrated their 20th Anniversary with a great concert in Atlanta, GA.

They were accompanied on the piano by Gabe Granitz, who for many years was the choir’s pianist. Also accompanying, as well as solo performer, were an ensemble from the Atlanta Balalaika Society. From the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm, Sweden came tenor Niklas Björling Rygert, who has gotten international attention, performing regularly at a number of European opera houses.

Vasa Drängar started in 1996, singing at a Swedish crawfish party in Atlanta. Vasa Drängar is the southernmost located Swedish choir in the United States. They cover a wide range of music and genres, maintaining the Swedish tradition in the southeast. But most importantly, they sing because they just enjoy singing!


Niklas Björling Rygert and Jim Gulick sing the solo part in Smuglyanka. (Pictured Left to Right: Sten Ekberg, Jim Gulick, Niklas Björling Rygert, and Dale Nordin)

The CD is a live recording from the concert in May. You will listen to à cappella songs such as Uti vår hage and Blommande sköna dalar and songs with the choir and tenor Niklas Björling Rygert in O Sole Mio, Non Ti Scordar Di Me and ABBA’s Thank You For The Music. Sten Ekberg appears as a soloist in Ack Värmeland du sköna. With the piano Niklas performs Caruso’s favorite song For You Alone and Jussi Björling’s show-piece Till havs.

Vasa Drängar also sings in Russian, in Smuglyanka and V Put’. And the Atlanta Balalaika Society ensemble performs two solo pieces, Clarinet Polka with Alla Melnik on the bayan, and Travushka-Muravushka with Angelina Galashenkova-Reed on the domra.

And there is more, for instance the funny Irish Ballad, in which six of the singers take turns in singing solo.

The cost for the CD is $13.00 plus shipping $3.00 – shipping cost is the same for one or two CDs.

To order please send a check, payable to Goran Rygert, in the amount of $16.00 for one CD or $29.00 for two CDs. Mail to Goran Rygert, 4390 Ivywood Dr. NE, Marietta, GA 30062.

Göran Rygert